Solar EV Charger
Solar Central A/C Solar Parking Meter
Big Mobile & Mount Fan Air Humidifier
Solar Big Mobile Fan Solar Central A/C Solar Air Humidifier
Evaporative Air Cooler Air Dehumidifier Solar Electric Elevator
Solar Air Cooler Solar Dehumidifier Solar Grill & Dehydrator
Exhaust Fan Solar Speaker Solar Water Purifier
Solar Exaust Fan Solar Surveillance System Others




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Our Service Policy

Service is a kind of culture. Service not only represents product,system and procedure, but also integrates our enterprise culture, accepted and performed by our staffs.

The service content comes from users demand. APO always provides high quality, effective service to the customers simultaneously we unceas- ingly improve the quality of service, seek the service content and service way improvement, to cooperation parties to obtain the best benefit.

APO is committed to and has a high regard for our customers (our external customers, our internal customers and all those affected by our works). We recognises that effective and efficient management will provide the best service to all those concerned, will maintain high standards, directly reduce the cost of manufacturing and improve performance within the market place.

Our Service Objectives

Customise our products and services to ensure they are designed, produced and delivered to meet our customer requirements quickly and efficiently.
Provide customers with effective and innovative solutions to their problems.
Facilitate a teamwork approach with all involved parties to ensure client expectations are realised.
Provide communication links and systems at all appropriate levels in order to maximise responsiveness and co-operation.
Facilitate project reviews to improve quality and delivery of service with the aim of developing continuous improvement to all added value aspects.

Our Slogan

Make Green Energy Attainable For Everyone

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