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Products Categories

1.Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine (HAWT)

Wind-driven generators converts the wind energy into the mechanical energy and in turn, into electricity. By generating power using the wind force and accumulate it in the storage batteries, they can convert the stored power into alternating current. Featured by the fact that no fuel is needed, the pollution-free and noise-free wind-driven generation can be generally used where there is much wind and where it is remote from power grid or where the power grid does not work well, for the industrial and domestic use.

Item:200W-100KW,customized design is welcomed



2. Vertical Axis Wind Turbine (VAWT)

Unlike those horizontal axis wind turbine to be directed in the direction of the wind, either by a tailvane or by a sensor based control mechanism – adding again to its cost, our VAWT-series vertical axis wind turbines do not need such a control system and are completely irrelevant from which side the wind blows.

Item:50W-50KW(VA-VP seris),customized design is welcomed


3. Maglev VAWT

These products widely apply to street light for city or rural area, off-grid power systems for family villa, communication stations, traffic monitor, frontier military, sea island and on-grid power system for medium civil house roof, public organizations, large power stations. Compare with other similar products, there is several unique features as the followings
High Efficiency / High Stability / High Strength / Environment Friendly / Customed Design

Item:400W-50KW(Maglev seris),customized design is welcomed


4. Permanent Magnet Generator (PMG)

It is made from neodymium-iron-boron magnet and has strong starting torque with the lower RPM, also its structure is perfectly designed like small and light body, good work performance,high efficiency,easy installation and convenient maintenance.

Item:500W-300KW,customized design is welcomed